Friday, June 17, 2005

In case you were feeling as worn out as I am...

I thought I would throw to you all the best argument for being upset about asinine, useless pieces of anti-Catholic fiction. It goes like this.

Q: Why should we even worry about The DaVinci Code? It's just fiction.
Fr. T.: Well, that's an interesting idea. Did you hear about my new plan to pay off the Batmobile early? I am writing a novel about your mother. She'll feature as the center piece of a drug trafficing, bank robbing ring of cannibals who are plotting to take over the nation. Don't that sound great?!
Q: (looking stunned and perplexed) But none of that is true. I'll sue you for libel.
Fr. T.: Hey, buddy, why are you so upset? It's just fiction. It's not like any one who actually knows your mother could mistake my character for your mother, so just relax.
Q: But there are lots of people who will get the wrong impression of my mother.
Fr. T.: And that's why, even when cloaked in fiction, a lie is a lie is a lie and destroys whomever it is directed at. The Church is our Mother. And I won't put up with people lying about her.

For those who read the Sooner Catholic, be prepared for a big spread once the movie comes out. I would have written something sooner, but 1.) I have received no questions (scary in itself) and 2.) the movie will play bigger than the book did.

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