Friday, July 15, 2005

Bravo to Fr. H!, pt. 2

Bravo to Fr. H for so courageously taking on the subject of reprehensible images in the media. Permit to explain.

Today, one of the studioes, and don't ask me which one, released a repulsive movie called Wedding Crashers. This movie is about two guys who crash weddings (did you see that coming?) so that they can bed down every one of the bridesmaids. If you need to know more, go to my man Ebert and let him fill you in. I can't stomach the thought of talking about it anymore.

This is where Fr. H deserves so much credit. Anticipating this film's release, Fr. H crashed the ordination of the new Bishop of Fort Worth, TX. Oh, yes, he will make some sort of claim that he knows the bishop-elect (actually, bishop by now) but don't let that fool you. He is actually researching how to crash events that one is not invited to. You guessed it; Fr. H is pitching a script in the next few weeks called Ordination Crashers. In this film, unlike the smarmy concoction that spawned it, a priest and his best friend go around the country and crash various episcopal and sacerdotal ordinations. While there he makes every effort to draw that diocese's seminarians over to his home diocese. His buddy works at enticing various religious orders to come into his home diocese. (No word if this second part is written for me -- I'll check with my agent.) Via this script, Fr. H is working to show the lighter side of priesthood and the joys of making a life-long commitment to serve Christ and His Church.

My, isn't he clever!

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