Friday, July 15, 2005

On Personal Mottoes

Someone, I can't recall whom, said that a priest can create his own coat of arms for himself after his ordination. Now, I am a high European, given my lily white tendency to burst into flames if I am in the sun too long, but heraldry is not my thing. However, the comment got me thinking; what if I did have to create a coat of arms? What would the motto be? (For me, it's all about the words.)

So, here it is. The personal motto by which you could identify my coat of arms is "Couragio! Omnia in Bonum!"

Oh, you need a translation...? Fine... The phrase means "Courage! All things tend toward the Good!" In my time as a Catholic and as a priest, this phrase has proved itself true over and over again. Just when I think something is lost, the solution appears. So, there's the motto...

Now for the remainder of the insignia...I guess a can of Diet Coke would be tacky...

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