Friday, July 22, 2005

OK, one last post...

First, thank you for all your kind comments, and continued support. While I still think I will be too busy to do much blogging, I will probably continue to lurk around CRM as a commentor.

However, since I have not been removed from CRM yet, one more post. The new priest assigned to St. James, Fr. Mike, has been a friend of mine since we were both seminarians (we went to different seminaries, though). It is great to share an assignment with a friend. We pray together often, and watch movies, especially now that he has hooked up a surround sound system (before seminary he sold audio electronics) to our common room TV. It has actually brought all of us in the rectory a bit closer in the sense we will sit and relax together.

Anyway, last night Fr. Mike and I were watching "Ladder 49." As we were watching it I realized another reason for opposing the construction of new, modern "churches" (sorry, I have to use the quotation marks because many of them hardly seem like a sacred space). What will Hollywood do when they shoot a wedding or funeral scene? I mean, I can only think of one instance when I have seen a scene in a church in which the architecture was "modern." Hollywood seems to always use, especially for Catholic churches, churches with a High Altar, with the Tabernacle in the center, lots of statues of saints, and often times they have the priest saying things in, {gasp}, Latin -- definitely more so than in a typical American Catholic parish church. So maybe Hollywood doesn't have everything screwed up.

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