Saturday, August 20, 2005

Farewell Dinner
I just returned from a farewell dinner at the home of some locals here. There were two couples in attendance plus me. They wanted to have me over to say goodbye and to thank me for our friendship. So, after Mass this evening I headed over and enjoyed the nice conversation, the mercifully cool weather, and a delicious meal. So, what is so noteworthy as to deserve a post?

Well, the couples aren't parishioners. They belong to the Methodist church! The two husbands are a couple of fun older guys I have gotten to know at the coffee shop. We tend to meet up for coffee on many mornings a week and if one or the other of us is at the shop, we sit and visit for some time. We have become friends and so they wanted me to come over for a dinner with their wives. It was a nice time and a rather unique send off.

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