Friday, August 19, 2005

Another Prayer Request

I will comment more a bit later on the Midwest Family Life Conference and why for the last three years I have NEVER regretted signing up and going. But I wanted to mention something to you all that came of it before I actually pick apart the nitty-gritty.

I am of the general opinion that those things a priest says in confession, as part of the advice he gives to the penitent, are generally the most close contact we have with God, especially the third person of the Holy Trinity. I have caught myself in the confessional saying something or knowing what question to ask without having any sort of cognition process operative. At the Family Life Conference, I kept asking penitent after penitent, "What are you going to do with what you have gained at this conference? Is it just going to be a nice, pious activity, or are you going to run with the new beginning the Lord has bestowed upon you?" I have yet another machination in the works for those in the Archdiocese (yes, wheels within wheels with this one), but there is something that flew across my radar and now I can't shake it.

It was something Matt Arnold said (and Matt is the subject of a whole other post, trust me). Referring to The DaVinci Code and other things like it, Matt said (excuse the paraphrase), "There hasn't been much outrage about The DaVinci Code because we have all become too comfortable with blasphemy." That rattled around my head, and continues to do so now. I think there is a special little project I can put together that might be of benefit for others as well as for myself. I am still in the working phases of the plan, just making the sketch so to speak, but I would appreciate your prayers and pious remembrances while I work this out. If it comes together it could be dynamite.

Huh? You want a hint? Okay, fine. Here's a hint: "Come, Patsy. We have work to do." (Figure of Fr. Tharp clapping coconut halves together as he recedes in the distance.)

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