Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving Back to Business at Hand

I note, with some pleasure, the movement back to business now that schools and institutes of higher learning are back at full gear. I always thought that would cease to be a mode by which I would gauge the passage of time, the resumption of studies, once I became an adult. But then I became a priest, and any practicing Catholic worth their salt notices how the parish's activity level ebbs and waxes based upon the rising fortunes of schools and the ceaseless running footsteps of children. But then again, I am friends with teachers, and one can't help but notice how their eyes tend to glaze at the first mention of "Back to School" as though it were the same murderous mantra echoes in the labored breathing of Jason Voorhees. The resumption of school time reminds me of being caught in the act of playing hooky. As children romp and play in their respective schoolyards or as adolescents slough by masonry high school walls, sneaking a surreptious smoke, we suddenly remember to straighten our ties and button up a Roman collar, put away the beach gear, and get back to the office.

As I said, I find this comforting. It suggests something of the order, giving up its malingering, once it snuffs the first smoky, wistful hint of autumnal advent. Remember that when you are slurping your coffee tomorrow and searching your mind for reasons not to rear-end the dolt in the car ahead of you. This is as it has been before, but with better air conditioning and sanitary conditions. This is how things will be until the ages of man cease to run.

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