Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why is Father making a face at Mass?
Some of my new parishioners might be asking themselves that very question if they were watching my face this morning at Mass during the purification of the chalice. For the second time since my arrival here, I have had a rather odd experience as I purify the chalice. I do the standard routine, carefully purifying all remnants of the Precious Blood from the chalice, but when I drink the contents of the chalice it tastes sweet, like Kool-aid. No, it's not a Eucharistic miracle but a much simpler explanation.

This morning I discovered after Mass that a well-meaning older sacristan had purchased what she thought was bottled water. What was it? It was Propel fitness water by Gatorade with a yummy Kiwi-Strawberry flavor! So, I'm not crazy afterall (at least this episode isn't evidence of it!) and the city's water isn't as awkward as I originally thought.

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