Friday, September 09, 2005

A New Sensation

This morning marked a new debut for Relevant Radio and for myself. As of this morning, I am now a regular commentator on Friday mornings with a spot they call "The Ragemonkey Week In Review." Essentially, I cover, in about 10 minutes, the things that I think are funny and disturbing in the news that week. Today, I chatted up three large issues and did that in about 10 minutes.

First, I had to praise the positive action of Gov. Schwarzennger in promising to veto any gay marriage legislation. It is always good to see someone think of not only the will of the constituents that he governs (who about five years ago put the kibosh on gay marriage in their state) but also, dare we hope, what constitutes the common good of all parties. I really couldn't get into the whole common good and natural law thing so we have something for another time.

Second, I brought up how ridiculous news is getting when Dan Brown's new book called The Solomon Key which is unpublished, unfinished, most likely unreadable, gets a full page in U.S. News and World Report. The article was basically "Dan Brown's writing a new book and it's about the Masons." That was the first paragraph. Then the columnist went on to fill the page about what the book might be about. I think the book will be about 300 pages too long. And the best part is that it's a sequel to DaVinci Code. Lovely. However, this could lead to a new definition of irony as Brown who often gets facts out of whack might state some true things. (Take that, Alanis!) It does make me sad to think that there aren't any snappy titles for the Pro-Mason authors to use. The best I could come up with is "Grinding Down the Solomon Key" and "Unlocking the Real Key of Solomon." For purposes of copywrite, those are freebies.

Last, I touched on my hesitancy concerning the new movie, "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" mainly because Hollywood is so clueless about the reality of authentic supernatural phenomenon. However, from the little bit I have gleaned here and there, it looks well researched, although critics have been dogging it because it is less exorcism and more courtroom drama.

Yes, that tingle in the air means there is a new sensation. I suspect that the sensation created is fear and loathing. And no amount of calamine lotion takes that away. (To get hip to the new sensation, check out Relevant Radio at about 6:15 p.m. today.)

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