Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Book Title Search

One of the student brothers at St. Albert's and myself were discussing St. Maximilian Kolbe. He mentioned a book concerning the life of the Saint which had impressed him mightily as a youth. I had to confess that I didn't recognize it and even after surfing through the Marytown website I didn't find anything that rang a mental bell for the friar. So I am coming to all of you for help. Here's what I know.

The book would have been published around 1970 but you could go 5 to 10 on either side of that figure. The cover of the book was white, with a pencil drawing of the saint in a seated position. In the cover illustration, there was also a strand or even a fence of barbed wire running through the scene. The friar couldn't recall the exact title although the word "crown" seemed like it belonged. He thought there might have been a crown in the cover art as well. As for reading level, as I understood it, he found it a challenging read for a middle school student. That would suggest a book in or around the mid- to late high school reading level.

To help forestall any confusion, the friar didn't think that it was Froussard's book, although the current cover art is very similar. Any and all points in the right direction are appreciated. All direction in the wrong way will only be tolerated. (Wink!)

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