Tuesday, November 15, 2005

One step forward; two steps back
Well, I found an e-mail today informing me that our diocesan library had finally gone online. This will allow persons to check the library catalog from home and even have materials mailed to them for temporary use. I must say this is a noteworthy step in our diocese which is terribly behind the curve in the use of modern technology and communication media. Also, I want to be clear that I am sure it was very hard and long work to get everything catalogued for an online service. Those who so labored are to be congratulated. So, I visited the online catalog to check some of the offerings of the library.

Though there are many good books housed there, I was disturbed that my (admittedly litmus test-like) search turned up plenty of offerings from dubiously orthodox theologians (that's being unnecessarily generous) such as Hans Kung, and Charles Curran. Sad to say, but it was no surprise to see that the search turned up these volumes. I guess I'll have to request my copy of Curran's "Absolutes in Moral Theology?" and keep it past its due date in the hopes that it won't infect someone else!

Just when it seemed the library had made an advance worth celebrating... Now this will likely mean that more people will have access to bad theology. It's another example of one step forward, two steps back!

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