Friday, November 11, 2005

Vote for Kingfisher ONCE PER DAY
I want to thank the many of you who have voted and are voting for Kingfisher (and those outside of the United States who have attempted to do so) in the American Dream Town competition. Kingfisher is still lagging behind. The town that is currently in first place took an enormous jump last week in the polls. I don't know what they did and are doing, but Kingfisher continues to be far behind.

So, once again, with much thanks for what has already been done on behalf of Kingfisher, I am hoping to unleash the power of the blog to help Kingfisher in the polls. Here is the link to my earlier post with a more detailed explanation of the competition. From that post you can link to the competition web site to vote. For those who would simply like to go directly the web site in order to vote, click here for the American Dream Town web site.

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