Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yet another subject that I am not entirely qualified to comment on, but will do so nonetheless

C.S. Lewis is something of an engima to me. Generally, I don't recommend Lewis to folks because of a small bias, namely that he himself didn't convert to the Catholic Faith when simultaneously showing such a great comprehension. Yes, yes, I know, conversion is a mystery and so is grace but you can't blame a guy for being just a little suspicious. On the flip side though many well-known Catholic converts have firmly placed the movement of their conversion in Lewis's hands. So it is a puzzle that I have yet to work out.

However, if this movie does its job effectively it becomes another opportunity to evangelize. I remember seeing the cartoon version of TLTWTW as a boy and being so moved by Aslan's sacrifice. It would only be after my conversion and my entrance into the seminary that I would understand who Aslan actually is.

So, I think there will be a go out and see it drive in my parish with a discussion forum perhaps the next day. This also opens the question -- are plans being made to produce the remaining books as well?

P.S. Did you find the statement in the article "Even the Christian subtext of Lewis's book is handled with taste and sensitivity. It's there, but never laboured." a little condescending?

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