Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Grocery shopping fun
I went to our (only) local grocer to shop yesterday evening. I hear many people remark that the prices are rather high at our local option. Some people even make the 35 minute drive into Oklahoma City to get better bargains. The one thing I would say about our store, is that the produce could be much better. I like to buy red leaf or green leaf lettuce for salads and sandwiches; quite often the lettuce, especially the red leaf, appears half-wilted, brown on the edges, and just about to turn for the worse. In such cases, usually the green leaf, which seems to be a more course leaf, is more acceptable. I got a chuckle last evening as I approached the produce section and began looking over the lettuce. At that very moment, the song on the store speaker system was "California Dreaming." So the disappointing sight of the lettuce offerings coincided with the lyrics: "All the leaves are brown..."

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