Friday, July 21, 2006

A Change of Tactic May Be In Order

I am something of a musical snob. Particularly, I have zero interest in that genre called Christian Contemporary. Put another way, I put the "contempt" in Christian Contemporary music. It is just one of those "de gustibus non disputantem est" things. Frankly, I don't find 16 bars of "I Love Jesus" repeatedly endlessly not particularly artful. And don't even get me started on using this genre at Mass.

However, lately, I have been struck by a need to be more famaliar with these artists, especially Catholic purveyors. I might be able to appreciate Palestrina or Mozart, but that doesn't mean that my young charges will be able to understand it. If I want to make a connection, I probably need to hit on the best of what's out there. It might not be fitting for the Liturgy, but it could do really good work in people's cars.

Relevant Radio has got a tasty show, SpiritJuice, which I am going to use as the template. Check out the Jack Lewis' Catholic House album, in which exercepts from Fr. Corapi are spun with ragin' House Music. It's funky cool.

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