Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ad Multos Annos!

We, here at Catholic Ragemonkey, try to keep an eye on the nomination of bishops not because of any efforts at reading the future but rather to show encouragement for our brother priests who are elevated to the office of Bishop. There's is not an easy task. We can apply in an parallel way the words of Luke 22:31-32 to our bishops. Their leadership provides the encouragement of the faith of all those who under their guidance and authority. Hence, we keep track of these assignments because Satan wants to scatter the flock and he is most effective at that when he attacks the shepherd.

With that in mind, congratulations go out Monsignor Paul Joseph Swain of the Diocese of Madison, WI. He has been named Bishop of Sioux Falls, SD. Thankfully, the Bishop-Elect already is familiar with cold winters and hot summers. Ad Multos Annos, Your Excellency! Lead the people of God well!

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