Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Official: Save the Date!

I can announce here, after my meeting last night in Edmond, news of great joy and excitement. Come this summer, Oklahoma is going to have its own Catholic Family Life Conference. You read that right: a group of interested Catholics have met and begun planning for a great weekend for formation for and with families. We are tentatively calling it "The Holy Family Catholic Family Conference." I know it is a little wordy but as I recall the meeting, we felt that even though it's a little unwieldy it is important to get the word "family" in the title and then let folks call it what they will.
The plan right now, and this could change, is to hold our Conference at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City on July 22-24, 2007. Right now, and again this could change, the shape of the conference is going be heavily focused upon issues related to Catholic Family Life. For instance, at the meeting, the committee surfaced five or six big issues we want to see addressed such as NFP, How to make the home a domestic church, surviving the first five years of marriage, proper financial stewardship, and a couple of others. My mobile keyboard wouldn't obey my commands so I didn't get them written down.
At this point, what we need are your prayers. Pray that the committee and the sub-committees can accomplish what lies ahead. Pray that we only work to glorify God. Pray that we can create the proper atmosphere to lead folks to conversion.
If you want to show your support for the sake of the rest of the committee, you could send me an encouraging note or email and then I could make sure it gets to the group. I'll keep you posted.

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