Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And how did I miss this?
In a turn of roles (I'm not usually the blogger on CRM who makes witty cultural observations and connections to the Faith), I reported recently (rather cynically) that I was concerned NBC might think Meredith Veiera's start on the Today Show is tantamount to the answer to all of mankind's needs. In other words, my fear is that NBC's thinks the "New Day" on the Today Show is equivalent to the Second Coming. (As there were no comments on that post of mine, I take it no one really thought my observation was all that witty. I suppose I should just leave the cultural commentary to Fr. Tharp. [Licking my wounds now]).

And what did I catch today? Still more evidence of my claim.

I had totally missed that Meredith also hosts "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". Given our worldwide press for money and more and more of it ... could this be more evidence that Meredith is the returning Savior? How did I miss this?

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