Monday, September 18, 2006

A whopper of an honor
After RCIA last evening, one of the attendees who co-owns (with another parishioner) the local Sunrise Cafe approached with some rather unique news. He and the other parishioner purchased this business a few weeks ago. They have painted and changed decor in the cafe and will soon be updating the menu. So what was the news?

Well, apparently in a couple of weeks the new menu will feature a hamburger selection known as "The Hamilton" in my honor. You can imagine my surprise. In fact, as this man was telling me about the idea, I was sort of loosely following the discussion but I couldn't quite wrap my mind around the notion that he was seriously going to have a hamburger on the menu named after me. At one point, I just looked at him and I said, "What? I'm missing something here." So, when he clarified that a hamburger would bear my name, I just started laughing. The Hamilton will be a hamburger patty, topped with sauteed, caramelized onions, hickory sauce, cheese, and (this is the key ingredient that makes it "The Hamilton") hickory smoked bacon. I guess word has gotten around the parish that as far as I am concerned with things culinary -- put bacon on it and I am there!

So, if life brings you through Kingfisher, the Hamilton will be a menu option in about two weeks. I told this kind man that I was honored by the hamburger idea so long as it wasn't "half-baked"!

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