Monday, September 18, 2006

Annual re-tracing of the steps
It has gradually become a family tradition. Each year I go to the State Fair with my mom and step-dad. We follow roughly the same path, passing the same food vendors, walking through the same exhibit halls, seeing the interesting sea of humanity, commenting on the outrageous nature of deep fried snickers, twinkies, and oreo cookies, and -- we like to joke -- having practically the same conversation each year. And we love it. We don't really do the rides, but we like to walk the exhibit halls and see the animals on display while enjoying ridiculous amounts of food.

We made our visit tonight and I just got back from it. It was a nice evening and the weather was great. Now the year-long countdown begins until I can next enjoy grilled corn on the cob, meatball subs, funnel cakes, cheese streudel, beer, and fresh squeezed lemonade!

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