Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Guilted into posting
I'm only going to publicize one reason I have been guilted into posting, though another reason (read: another blogger) is also operative. If you subscribe to the National Catholic Register, you may have read in the latest issue (Volume 82, #36, Sept. 10-16) that Catholic Ragemonkey was listed as the #1 priest blog in a Top Ten priest blog list made by Eric Scheske. His article on priest bloggers can be found on page B2 of the issue in the Arts & Culture page, an article entitled "Collared Commentary: Priests in the blogosphere". Due to the article, I feel I need to put a post up so that people aren't disappointed or think Eric's confidence in us ill-advised.

We here at CRM thank Eric for his vote of confidence, his support, and publicity. We welcome any new readers who are coming to us thanks to Eric's article. We also want to make a few things absolutely clear:

We have no previous relationship with Eric that might explain our #1 ranking.
We were not consulted on this article.
We did not pay for this article; nor are we being paid for it.
We only found out about this article and the happy ranking when others mentioned it to us.

Furthermore, as a result of this article run in the Legionaries of Christ publication (the aforementioned National Catholic Register) Fr. Tharp and I have absolutely NO plans to begin wearing double breasted suits with our clerical collars.

I, however, do pledge to our readers that I plan to begin using more hair gel!

In all seriousness, thanks Eric; and, welcome to any and all new readers.

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