Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Basking In Its Pointy-Brimmed, Gothic Goodness

Day four and everything is still sailing along. Yesterday's trip onto UWash's campus was delightful. The grounds are lush and well tended. Fr. Thomas and I walked down to the student center, aka The Hub, and celebrated Holy Mass in an upstairs meeting room. That gives me a good idea for my own campus ministry. It'll have to hold until January but nonetheless... The students I met were clearly the dedicated souls who have to persevere in college to maintain an active and vibrant practice of the Faith. After Mass, Fr. Thomas and I went to lunch in the food court at the university. This, my dear readers, is not your father's student center. Studded with a wide selection of foods and eating options, it made me blush to think of what passed for food service when I was at OU. Fr. Thomas and I shot the breeze about the ups and downs of campus ministry and then hoofed it back to the Newman Center.

By the way, is it just me or is Seattle the city of a thousand stairs? Everywhere I have been there have been massive staircases and pulse straining inclines. I know, I know, I have to get back to the gym or hire a sherpa to pull the sledge I'll be resting on. (Let's keep the Jabba the Hut jokes to ourselves, please.)

The lecture by Fr. Michael was top-notch. Full of clear progression of ideas complimented by helpful powerpoint slides, it was a feast for considering how God interacts in this ragingly complicated mechanism we call the universe. In the end, it simply reinforced my sense that man when undeflected from other business naturally becomes a philosopher by doing nothing more complicatd than looking around himself for the moment. If you get the chance, Fr. Michael will be giving this same lecture at Blessed Sacrament, Seattle, at, I think, 7:30 p.m. You might consult their website for more information. I, for what it is worth, will be sitting in on the local CL group. Even though I had to bail on CL materials for my college program (more on that bittersweet story at another time), I am still convince Communion and Liberation have something unique to contribute to the life of the Church today. I will be taking mental notes for future use.

Now, just a bit of housekeeping. As I am on vacation, I am not posting anything more substantial than my travel notes. I hope that they are interesting. If you sent me an email concerning my recent show on Relevant Radio, I will get back to you middle of next week, possibly by the end of the week. If you leave stuff in the comboxes for me to comment on, that too will have to wait. Perhaps, Fr. H would be so good as to catch that stuff and make some helpful commentary. I know he is busy about his parish while I am loafing and strolling about, but the assist would be appreciated.

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