Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From my aerie, I see all

Perched at the third floor landing sits the common computer for Blessed Sacrament Priory in Seattle, WA. I am writing to you on the third, glorious day of vacation here in the Pacific Northwest. But what to tell you about?

Out the window, at the top of the stairs, I see fine, almost misty, rain falling as cars pass on the local throughfare. This must the source of the constant humming sound I hear at night. Not that it is unpleasant, but at first I thought it was A/C running in the priory and leapt up to close the window I had opened. The evergreens loom large in the scene, outside my window as does rejuvenated green grass lawns which are just at the southern edge of my eyeline. Some would think of this weather as dreary, but coming from Arrakis as I do, the rain is welcome and theuraptic.

Yesterday's excursion around the city was informative and entertaining. Mark Shea and I started at the aquarium where we saw all manner of life forms. We were both particularly taken with the skate eggs which helpfully had a port cut into the container they were in so that we could see their development. Mark and I looked at each other and commented, "Right, all this stuff, just randomly happened..." The puffins and other non-ichtyoid life forms were fun but of course my legs lagged over the course of the visit.

Same with the sci-fi museum. It was truly inspired and interesting and all that stuff. I saw so many things connected with my childhood and early adulthood and I marvelled at how central books are to the person I am today. If you get out this way, you should make a stop in.

The capper to the day was seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls. The presentation was absolutely fascinating. I found all sorts of connections coming together from my own personal study as I examined these truly amazing artifacts. It was well worth the hour and a half that when into the presentation. And we didn't even get the van towed. (Private joke)

I want to thank the Mirror Universe double for schlepping me all over the town. It was great to have a companion on the visit and definitely helped not having to navigate the tangle of streets which pass for organized travel in Seattle.

What's on for today? Well, after my fourth cup of coffee, I am going to visit the Newman Club attached to the University for some pointers and plans. And then after the Mass with the friars this evening, I am going back down the university for a lecture by Fr. Michael Dodds, O.P. about evolution. It looks to be a fun day. That lecture is at 7:30 p.m.


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