Friday, October 27, 2006

Juvenille and Offensive: It's the new witty

Okay, folks, I know I should be resting, casually hanging out in a tree, but the relentless forces of abject stupidity won't let me be. I am no fan of South Park: although they qualify as a cultural phenom, let me just say that says volumes about the culture within which they are a phenom and about the men themselves who would shameless pander to be adored by such a puerile bunch.

Sounds too harsh? Okay, vote for yourself. Imagine a celebrity dies in a surprising and shocking way, leaving behind a grief-stricken family and the pride of this homeland stinging. Now imagine that some brilliant (pause to wipe your screen to remove my venomous irony) writer on a comedy show says to himself, "Hey, that's sounds spoof-worthy," and writes an episode about it. Now, also consider the producers and studio officials who lack the common sense and decency to stand up to these brats and say "Gents, that's off limits." In the end, what you have is a debacle on your hands.

Have you decided if that is too much? Well, that's what the South Park guys have come up with for their show. Steve Irwin's in Hell with a Sting Ray hanging out of his chest. (I'm going to a cup of coffee while that sinks in.)

I know that it is a futile waste of my time to get bent out of shape about these things, but it's what I do. If you feel the need to send a note to the parent company, please do so. I think intercession before the saints will work better, but that's just my theological virtue of hope showing again.

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