Friday, November 03, 2006

Confronting the Inevitable Spinoffs

Confronting the Inevitable Spinoffs

You all knew this was coming.  Howie Mandel’s wild, hit show Deal or No Deal has created a firestorm of shameless fakes being generated for the midseason replacement.  Through the use of my powerful connections in the entertainment industry and my hacker powers, I have a list of the planned spinoffs from Deal or No Deal.  Enjoy.

#1. Veal or No Veal:  On this cooking show, participants try to create delicious veal dishes.  The catch is that only one of 26 pans has veal in it.  All the rest have other things in it ranging from giblets to T-bones.  But the cooks need only one thing and only one question needs answering: Veal or No Veal?

#2. Steal or No Steal: On this ESPN inspired spinoff, the contestants try to decide if their favorite baseball stars can beat the pitching staff back to home base.  They have to choose which pitcher is most unlikely to get them out.  They choose from 26 possible pitchers but who will make it home.  Only the one who chooses correctly on “Steal or No Steal.”

#3. Teal or No Teal:  How is this for a home decorating show?  A home decorating wants to use the perfect color in this home remodel but there are 25 other colors to choose from.  After choosing their can, they have to open one can at a time until they decide what they want.  Of course they could just stick with the color they know is available.  It’s a choice between “teal or no teal.”

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