Sunday, November 12, 2006

Crashing RCIA
I just finished another action-packed Sunday with Masses in two locations, a quick (and late) lunch, a short nap, lecture preparation, RCIA class and the Teen Bible Study I moderate for our Seniors in high school. It is now 9:32 p.m. But the real special event this evening was that right in the midst of RCIA as I was nearing completion of tonight's topic, Fr. Tharp crashed the class, walking into the hall as I was midstream in lecture.

He was a little embarassed because he thought he would be walking in the door of the hall with everyone in class facing away from him. Instead, everyone was facing the door, so he practically rolled into stage center.

I gave a quick introduction and he sat down as I finished class. It turned out to be good timing because he was able to participate in the answer to a question that was asked. So, he certainly made up for the earlier distraction of those attending RCIA.

I am sort of wondering whether he was intentionally visiting to see if I was really and truly implementing the results of our RCIA Summit this past summer. He now has proof that I am in fact running RCIA according to our agreed upon new direction this year. It is going smashingly and he deserves much credit for that.

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