Sunday, November 26, 2006

A stinger for the Kingfisher Yellowjackets
In a town like mine high school football is a significant part of town life. As Pastor I make it a point to attend all the home football games I can. I had the pleasure of receiving the Head Coach into the Church this past Easter, thus joining his wife who was already Catholic. Furthermore, more than simply a tactical decision, I go to the games because I enjoy watching the games and seeing so many people of my parish. If football season is big enough, post-season is even more so. The Kingfisher Yellowjackets won their district championship and then were victorious in round 1 and round 2 of the play-offs. Last night was the semi-final game for the State Championship in Class 3-A against Sequoyah-Claremore. By athletic association rules the game had to be at a neutral site. So, after Saturday evening's Vigil Mass I hit the road to attend the semi-final game in Edmond. I was there for most of the game and it just wasn't Kingfisher's night. Things seemed to go relatively well in the first quarter, but the opponent just kept driving down the field for the rest of the game. So, the state championship eludes Kingfisher this year. But it has been a great season and our guys played hard. It was a hard loss, but the team can be proud for their hard work all season.

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