Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Always thinking evangelization
With this brief post, I want to honor a brother priest and a great friend, Fr. Shane Tharp. Fr. Tharp truly loves our Catholic faith, which he happily found his way to in his late teens. His love for the truth of our faith and his tendency to be a mastermind work to the benefit of our faith (thanks be to God he's on our side!) by his constant efforts to form the People of God, to further evangelization, and to seek new avenues for the same.

Recently, Fr. Tharp recommended a representative of Lighthouse Catholic Media (a subsidiary of St. Joseph Communications) come to pay me a visit. Lighthouse has a great program of offering brochures and CDs on various topics pertaining to our Catholic faith and the faith's response to common concerns of human life. You can purchase an attractive display case and features these offerings in the back of church. I have previewed the CDs and the brochures and they are excellent. In addition, there are different sets of topics available, so when you run through one set of topics you can order different ones (or more of the same ones). The kick-off for this program of formation and evangelization will be this weekend in my parishes and I am already delighted as I imagine the positive impact I trust it will have.

Another great idea brought to you by Fr. Shane Tharp! Or is that Fr. Evil?!

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