Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Day Two!

Hey, kids, I wanted to let you know how the Weight Watchers meeting went. I must confess (that seems fitting) that I was very nervous and resistent about going to the meeting. I know, I know, posting a message said I was planning to go should sound like I was actually planning to go, but I was resistent. However, I got off my duff and thanks to another priest of the diocese who needs a nickname until such a time as his membership in the hegemony is revealed, I went to the same location he goes.

While I was resistant to the whole idea of needing Weight Watchers, I am no longer resisting. What changed?

I weighed in.

Trust me, weighing in was a rude (very rude) awakening. It is impossible for me to say that I don't have a problem with my weight. And skip asking: I won't tell.

So, here's to the second day. Actually, I haven't been hungry or feeling deprived. The only tricky part is thinking about the food I am about to eat and then looking it up. However, Subway and Jason's Deli are becoming my best friends. Also, thanks to Fr. H for making this a priority in my life. I guess I am just having a Shaun moment: I needed to sort out my life. That sorting out has just begun.


raphael's helper said...

I was delectably (pun intended) surprised to learn of a Catholic weight loss programme. It's known as The Light Weigh and may be accessed at

Christine said...

A quick tip on WW. It takes nearly a cup of salsa to get any points, so if you're low on points, a salad with tomatoes, cukes, and salsa is a zero-point meal. (If you add a tablespoon of bacon bits - the fake kind - I think it's only one point.)

Of course, I say this as a woman who has to get back to goal weight again, but I've been maintaining pretty successfully for three years now, too. :)

Suzanne said...

You are in my prayers, father! I am struggling and trying hard to lose weight. This is certainly not to offend anyone, but sometimes I get irritated with thin people who try to tell me how to lose weight. I have lost at least 350 pounds of weight in my lifetime--it hurts and details a lot of suffering for me as I feel complete hunger the whole time I am on a low caloric diet--or a low carb, or a low whatever diet. It hurts, but now I am trying to really unite myself with Jesus and give it to Him and--it's been a little easier. I am certain you already do that--but it has taken me several years to give this completely to God!