Friday, September 26, 2008

Local Boy Makes Good

Hello, all. Just popping in before I get everything ready for Mass tonight. If I am particularly diligent, after 6:00 p.m. Mass, I intend to get three things done: 1.) clean out car, 2.) pack bag for Y, and 3.) post my homily notes for this weekend. The last part is muy importante as this year is dedicated to Saint Paul and to the role of the Bible in the life of the Church, so my homilies have been exclusively focused upon the second reading. It has been very helpful to my homilies and the response has been good. I just got back from Edmond, and the talks went fine. There were points that took me forever to connect, although I am not sure of the source for that. I would suspect it was because I had not thought through the material enough times for me to be clear about the point. I treated marriage in the Sacred Scriptures, Marriage as a sacrament, and the Theology of the Body and its moral implications. I wish I had a chalkboard, but all in all, it was fine. The problem is now, I am totally beat. I need to get up and print off general intercessions and find the story I am going to use as the homily illustration. I think it was up over at Mark Shea's blog, but I can't recall when. It was this week because it came down like a Godsend. I am really fuzzy right now.Like I said, I got there, I got back, and in two minutes, I'll be back on my feet.

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