Friday, September 26, 2008

Or Maybe It'll Be A Sqeaker

I don't often venture into the world of politics and despite what this link will take you to, the post really isn't about that. Biretta tip first to Drudge Report for carrying this link. The point of the article goes like this: "This election could end in a landslide, even though the candidates are polling tight right now." Now, forgive me, but really, isn't that the only two outcomes of an election? I suppose one could make the case for one candidate clearly winning but without dominating the other. But where would you draw the line between those two? 51 to 49 is clearly a squeaker; and 99 to 1 is clearly a runaway. After that where are the lines? I would say if you got anywhere between 65 percent of the vote or more, it's a runaway. Even then, though, it's not a clear win beneath that. You can hear the pundits talking now: "He can make that up; wait for the west coast results."

Here's the take away point. All of us have that way of saying a situation will resolve itself one way or the other. We often express this in a way that makes it sound as though we have more knowledge or control than we really do. For instance, either it will rain today or it won't. Well, duh! What I am trying to say is "I wonder what the weather will do. We could use a spot of rain." It's funny because it makes me wonder if the language here reveals a desire for hope, or at least, God-like powers. We are projecting a future that we would like to see but often can't make real. What we are saying is "God, please remain with us."

Our hearts wander this world looking for contact with the real. Since I am only somewhat real, I must look for Him who can give His reality to shore up my flagging reality. Then I would be free and confident regardless of what comes next.

Have a good weekend. I hope to keep posting but I am pretty wiped right now.

UPDATE: Sorry about that folks. I somehow managed to omit the link to the proper place. The piece holds up I think.

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