Wednesday, October 22, 2008


There are a list of lessons that I have been taught by the list of fascinating life experiences that I have encountered/been inflicted with.  Recently, a sneak attack by spice cake forced a lesson in the consequences of eating poorly and being hungry.  Tonight's lesson entails a lesson that I have many of my friends repeating.  Say it with me: "You need to be a whole lot more tidy and organized."

St. Wenceslaus has hosted the Great Adventure Bible Study for about a year now.  We are working through the 24 week series in preparation for our St. Paul Bible Studies in the winter and the spring.  The program consists of workbooks, handouts, DVDs, and discussion group.  This normally works great, assuming you can find the DVDs.

I couldn't.  No clue where they are.  Ask St. Anthony for help; he's being tight-lipped.  I was at a total loss.  Given that tonight's subject was the Maccabean Revolt, though, I was in luck.  My educational background includes a big swath of Greco-Roman culture so I can speak to the topic.  In lieu of the DVD, I lectured and did the discussion questions.

For something that was largely improv-ed, it went off okay.  The best visual of the night came when a participant asked about the sizes of the ancient armies.  "Doesn't that seem like a lot of people?"  To make the point about how armies got easily routed, I demonstrated ancient battle practices and then to really make the point, I climbed up on a chair to demonstrate what the view from horseback would be.  This led to a demonstration fighting techniques from the ancient world.  All in all, it was delightfully funny.

Pantomine sword battle = doing some thing hilarious for God?  I guess you just had to be there.

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Anonymous said...

Father, if you do hear from St. Anthony on those books, could you ask him where I left my wife's keys last week? We've already replaced her car key ($140 for a locksmith...ouch), but I'd still like to know.