Friday, October 10, 2008


Folks, I am probably going to regret posting this link, but what the hey? I didn't come by the title "Ragemonkey" accidentally, now did I?

I have had my eye on the boys at South Park for many years now for their generally puerile and ham-handed efforts at humor and satire. There was the Steve Irwin incident and my personal favorite, Issac Hayes' faux outrage at the lampooning of religious belief when the wheel finally landed on Scientology. And I hesitate to bring this up because isn't that what they want? They want me to howl and throw things and point out how stupid and insensitive and ridiculous it is. And yet, my sense of the common decency thought process forces me to make the link.

Now, given this is about South Park, and while I would like to believe that no one who reads this blog would let their kids watch that show, I must assume that new readers whom I don't know are on, so, usher your kids out of the area when you follow this.

Really, a "Deliverance" reference? That is what passes for satire? I didn't go and see the recent Indy because even I, hidden away on Monkey Island, knows a flop when I sees it coming. But really, that is as good as Stone and Parker can give? Not that I am surprised. Here's what really get my goat.

Now, the press are saying "They've gone too far." Oh, you're right; mock the faith of Christians and Catholics routinely - that's amateur stuff. Denigrate the memory of a person by sending him to Hell with a large fish hanging from his chest -- child's play. But go after two big name directors and now, now it's too much. After, frankly, a shameless round of profiteering by two said directors (I mean, really, hiding in a refrigerator to escape a nuke?) they deserved to have the mickey taken out of them. But isn't there a funnier way to get that joke or observation out there? Further, why not take a run at the studios who clearly looked at that script and thought, "It's brain droppings but it'll sell. Go for it, boys. And get an up and coming actor to sub under Harrison so that we can CONTINUE to see this dreck to folks!"? But no, belly up to the bar, kids; forcible assault is funny.

That's what I get for appearing on air this morning. Fifteen cups of coffee and an upset stomach every one better run for cover.


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Anthony Keiser said...

I have a story for you on my experience with Indy 4, but am way too embarassed to tell it in these comboxes. Remind me to fill you in on it.

Fr. S.T. said...

I can't wait to hear this because your text message, Anthony, had me HOWLING in the car. I had to stop the car for a good five minutes. I was literally expecting something else from you on a totally different topic.