Friday, October 10, 2008


Blogger allows you to enable a feature that moderates comments. I have mentioned that I am a stickler for the comments to be on point and not hateful. Well, even with my high rating in tech, I still make gaffes, prinicipally, when I am moving fast.

I tell you this, that you might have gotten your comment blocked either because I decided too quickly or hit the wrong button. Favre, that means you in particular.

Let me add something about a comment I blocked that in retrospect I shouldn't have. DC sent a comment concerning my use of "Horton Hears a Who" as part of my pro-life homily. He noted that Geisel didn't intend for folks to understand the point of his book as defending embryonic life, but as a point of making your voice heard. The commenter mentioned that Geisel's widow even filed an injunction against some pro-life organization from using that same quote on their letterhead.

Two follow-up thoughts belong here. One, I am hard pressed to see how defending life in the womb overreaches the point of this children's story. If the point of "Horton" is that someone spoke up and all of us need to speak up, then it should be relevant that the one who cries out for help is the tiniest and most seemingly insignificant people present, namely those whom the rest of the forest society are saying aren't persons at all. Horton does speak up so much as he puts his money where his mouth is and defends the tiny people. In that sense, he does make his voice heard without uttering a word. Frankly, if Geisel didn't intend the book to a pro-life apology, he picked the worst turn of phrase in the history of man. As we used to say in Philly, blind squirrel occasionally finds the acorn.

Two, if the point of "Horton" is a manifesto to political action, then he is repeating himself. I seem to remember the book about the Lorax covers that subject abundantly.

Okay, back to what you all were doing.


Anthony Keiser said...

Geisel's wife is a huge supporter of planned parenthood. Quite a shame. Also, in this case, quite irrelevant. Whether knowingly or not, "Horton hears a who" rings with pro-life tones. Whether Geisel intended that or not is immaterial...

WICatholic said...

Bravo. I am in agreement. A person's a person no matter how small (speaking as a shortie). The tiniest among us (pre-born) are well.

God bless!

Good to hear you on Relevant Radio again.