Saturday, April 04, 2009

Necessary Wish List That Amazon Cannot Provide

So, last week I lost 4.5 lbs.  This week, I'll be surprised if I lose anything.  It's been a stressful week, being Lent and all.  Also, a friend of the family's father is dying and I visited with them on Thursday.  It was rough to see them under those circumstances.  So, on a personal front, my focus has been all over the grid.  As I need to reset my brain and remotivate myself before going into the chaos of Holy Week and I will only get a bit of Kung Fu this week, I finally decided to put into words a list of things that I want to come as a reward from my weight loss journey.

For the last 2 years and 2 months, I have been struggling with the demon called food.  Actually, that's not fair.  The food isn't the problem.  It's the way I deal with stress and anxiety.  Because of my delightful childhood, I learned quickly to disconnect from my emotions just so I could get through the day.  The side effect though is that those feelings must be dealt with and I did it with food.  Not perfectly am I over this, but at least I can see it after the wave passes.  Life long good health and weight will come when I can catch the wave before it hits.  But that is neither here nor there.

The following list is a fantasy.  Yes, I would love for the producers of the Today show to find this and make it happen, but really folks, ain't going to happen.  So, I share them with you.  I don't expect anyone of you can make it happen, unless you know a television producer or six as you will see.  Like I said, some of this is over the top, but it really should tell you where I am right now in my journey.

10.) Style Consultation with either Tim Gunn or those two folks from "What Not To Wear."  Let's just face it.  I shouldn't be interested in fashion, men's or women's, but I am.  From an artistic point of view, it is about enhancement of your appearance, and not necessarily vanity.  A great $10 Tee can go a long way to improving an outfit.  Here's my issue.  Have grown up overweight, I have a weird body perception problem.  I can't visualize how my body looks.  That shouldn't surprise given I have lost 16 inches off my waist alone.  I don't have a sense of style.  That doesn't mean I am completely clueless about what looks good on me, but I would like some helpful feedback, some guidelines.

9.)  Appear on American Gladiators or some similar show.  Losing 156 lbs. has meant reclaiming my body and discovering a scary fact.  I am an athlete.  My body does respond in the right ways to injury and to exertion.  I can do lots of things that I never thought I could do.  Apart from weight lifting - I was already on that - I play tennis and am learning Kung Fu San Soo.  I still freak out a little when the Sifu says that I am a natural or that I am talented at this.  Therefore, I would like to put this new body to a little test.  Sadly, American Gladiators has been cancelled, but the BBC is still running theirs.  Battle across the pond anyone?

8.) Take on a physical challenge to raise money for a Catholic organization.  I am not sure that the Archbishop would excuse for the month or more that it would take to do this, but it would be cool nonetheless.

7.)  Get a book deal for my story.  Actually this one had better not happen as I haven't got my other book's edits finished yet.

6.) Train with Jet Li or Jackie Chan or other Kung Fu Grandmaster.  See number 9 for explanation.

5.)  Throw a really tremendous party for my friends.  This is one of those hobbit moments I have.  I see this weight loss health transformation as a rebirth.  I would like to reward all those friends who have prayed, supported, rallied, encouraged, and otherwise made the moment of achievement possible.  I already have my present in my health restored; it's my friends who deserve the treat.

4.)  Take a vacation that was primarily about roughing it.  Never camped, never did bike tours, but I think I would like to do that at least once.  Maybe a bike tour of England?

3.)  Meet Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  I have mentioned in another place how their friendship and the work they have done together reminded me of the essential role of friendship for sane living.  They were one of the wake-up calls I got to go on this journey.  Therefore, I would like to meet them at least once for more than a split second.  Simon's busy with impending baby but otherwise it would be fun.  I would like to put my skill at "Ooh, Ahh, Dracula" to test against Mr. Frost.  Under this one, can I add appearing in an action movie as an extra or a background thug or a Klingon soldier?  Simon, you'll put in a good word with J.J. won't you?

2.)  Appear on one of those fluffy daytime talk shows.  I think Regis and Kelly would be great.  Could do one segment with them then run down to Rockefeller Plaza for a brief appearance on Today.  Yes, some of you will say this is vain, and this time I am not going to deny it.  After all, I have a deucedly hard time taking compliments - this kind of information overload should break that, right?

1.)  Just keep the weight off.  For me, this weight loss is a dream that I am afraid I will wake from.  The greatest thing I could receive is never be more that 10 lbs. over my goal weight.  Given that my goal weight is 190 that would mean I would always be between 190 - 200.  That seems reasonable and sustainable.  If I bulk up, that would be fine too.  Hmm, maybe I should work in a percent body fat idea into this.  Either way, getting there is only a third of the battle.  The remaining 2/3 is staying there.

Anyway, these are the things that populate my head from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Tim Gunn would be the better of the two choices. He seems a bit kinder...

You've done an amazing thing!

Kristi said...

I just think you're about the coolest guy out there. And I find your story EXTREMELY inspiring as I am in the midst of my own weight loss. And I very much think you should write a book about your story. That would be AWESOMENESS.

Dismas said...

Congratulations on the weight loss so far! I've found also that I don't want the relationship with food I've had in the past. The hard part is that most parishioners treat you like Mom, "Come on, eat a little more!" :)

If you can run, train for a marathon. It's not that hard, really, unless you have bad feet/knees.

Joel said...

Cassocks! Always in fashion.

Nancy Roemer said...

Nah, cassocks hide the bulk. Personally, if you can manage something on daytime TV, it'd be great. Esp. if you were a guest on a day I was working (I'm a nurse on day shift at a kid's hospital: I get subjected to so much drek whenever I enter a patient's room.)Think you could be on one of those judge shows? How 'bout The View?

If you need fashion consulting, I'll loan you my 14 y.o. She actually is quite good AND values modesty, too!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

So, is number 8 in reference to something like going on Amazing Race or something? Or just a run-across-the-country type of deal?

Daniel said...

Sadly, I am still vastly overweight myself and it sucks right now. I need to be like at 190-200 right now but I am still 100-140 over that. I just do not know. As soon as I get home though, I intend to rejoin (3rd time) Weight Watchers as the last times I was in it I lost 20 and 25 lbs respectively and it works when i stick to it. Good luck with you final stretches and stick to it! You will reach you goal soon and then you will be lifetime and That will be amazing.

Just one question: how do the people at the meetings react when they see a priest there?