Saturday, April 04, 2009

What Would Ignatius Do?

I took personal interest in this matter as I drove past St. Joseph's University on a regular basis during my illustrious term at St. Charles Seminary.  With that in mind, the word of the day is "vet" as in careful examination.  If this is what constitutes education in the Jesuit tradition, then it merely reinforces what I said when I was a naive newly minted Catholic seminarian.

A brother seminarian from New York City once observed, "You've got the brains; why not be a Jesuit?"  I replied, "Nah, I went to all the trouble of becoming a Catholic, why would I want to change?"

I have a solution for those who are interested.  If you want to reform Catholic higher education, do not give these school one more thin dime.  Not one penny more.  The first whiff of a problem, write a letter.  But if the response is anything other than "we didn't realize this person's stance," then not one more dime.  And if you are getting ready to send kids to college only send them to proper Catholic colleges, such as Christendom in VA.


aaronandbrighid said...

When I saw the title of this post, I thought the reference was to Ignatius Reilly. We all know what the latter would do: write an extremely nasty letter, threatening 'the sting of the lash' and referring to the administration as 'mongoloids', signed with an extremely phony pseudonym.

Joseph Fromm said...

"Nah, I went to all the trouble of becoming a Catholic, why would I want to change?"

It's that bit o' truth that hurts so much!



Robert Badger said...


The state of our Catholic universities is a shame. We must be grateful for the new initiatives that are out there for new institutes of higher learning. When everything has been on the side of dissent and neo-paganism for so long, the best we can hope for is that a new administration might be able to stem the tide for a while or even halt it.

Georgetown has become a neo-Pagan institution with the odd Jesuitical leaning. And many, many other schools have trod that path.

Janette said...

Ah- there is Creighton and a few other "eastern Proivice" universities that are still conservative. Do not write off Jesuit Education yet! They are excellent at what they do. They just need a bit of centering! The Holy Spirit will bring them back if we pray hard enough.
Glad I cruised by this morning. Haven't been here in a LOOOOONG time!

Anonymous said...

orrr.... how about some Benedictine College action? :)

Rennie said...

The Jesuits were founded to fight against Protestantism just as the Dominicans were started to combat the Albigensian heresy. Ever met an Albigensian?

Frank Lipsinic said...

....and the!!!!
....there's Notre Dame!