Thursday, April 01, 2004

Orphaned for 128 days...
...but no longer. Wichita has a bishop! Or should I say the phrase heard ringing in the halls of the Wichita Chancery? Ecclesia Wichitensis habet Episcopum! And though there is great rejoicing, there is some sadness and anxiety here on this blog. Why? Fr. Tharp has been named Bishop of Wichita. This will certainly make his schedule more busy. Will he be able to continue blogging? What will this mean for our blog? Might I become the Alpha male ragemonkey of this blog? Oh, the possibilities!

Of course, I will be away from blogging during Bishop-elect Tharp's Episcopal Ordination and Installation, which is set for May 32, 2004. (If you are still with me on this one you should do two things. (1) Check the date of this post; and, (2) For goodness sake, don't tell anyone you bought this hook, line, and sinker!)

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