Monday, September 19, 2005


Sorry, folks for taking the sudden blogging break, but my brain is empty. Actually, it's not that my brain is empty as much as it's my coffee pot that's empty. Really, it's not so much that no one has made a nicotine patch that laced with caffiene instead. After all, the spice is the life.

However, this is not a cheap pandering effort to get you to send large bags of high quality coffee to my rectory in Alva nor is it an infantile attempt to have you ship coffee ice cream in dry ice cryovac bags. It is a pathetic cry for help from someone who cannot get off his big behind and go to the grocery and buy every bag of coffee in the place.

And before someone suggests it, I don't drink decaf unless it is absolutely necessary for social decorum. Decaf is evil. I am not exaggerating. Coffee by its nature has caffiene. To decaffienate is to remove an essential good, albeit an accidental good, from the coffee. Therefore, decaf is evil because of the lack of good that ought to be present. Now where is my grinder?

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